The Vegan Ice Cream Cookie

So its been raining non stop here, usually during these snugly weather patterns I tend to get the urge to cook and bake, read and just generally feel the creative vibes flowing…. Maybe this is from when I was a child, if the weather was average mum would tell me to stop annoying her and go find something to do (in nicer way of course…. sometimes).

Anyway, today I made something a bit creative, a little messy but super tasty.

Introducing The Vegan Ice Cream Cookie….Okay, so not original but Ive been wanting to try it for ages! It would be super easy to knock up a whole batch of these if you were entertaining or just wanting a winning dessert one weekend. I mainly create one offs before I commit with all my ingredients, but Ideally all you really need here is a batch of vegan cookies … (thank you Earthy Andy!) and either a little or a lot of home-made vegan ice cream… AND you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy these, I think most (if not all) wouldn’t even realise.

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For my batch of cookies I used Earthy Andy’s Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie recipe – go check it out here.

Vegan Ice cream is super simple to make and you can create whatever flavor you like – add coconut cream or milk, cacao powder and nibs for chocolate, berries for well… berry flavored, In all honestly it kicks the pants off normal ice cream PLUS its actually beneficial for your body.

Today the Ice cream of choice was frozen bananas and mixed berries (also frozen), a dash of fair trade vanilla extract and a smidge of almond milk … just so the blades in our blender were actually doing something… keep adding milk bit by bit , remember you want Ice cream consistency.

Being that I only made enough for one, I positioned two non stick egg rings one one top of the other, filled them with the ice cream and put it in the freezer – this was to get the ice cream to freeze in a really nice clean looking chunk. I’ve seen others simply scoop homemade ice cream out of the tub and put it straight between the cookies, which I think looks better – that messy, melty delicious kind of look. Next time I think I may try warming the cookies or making the cookie sandwich as soon as they have come out of the oven… dribble dribble.

Steph x


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