Is There Room In Bed For One More?

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I’m talking about baby makin, how does one know when they are finished? or when they are ready to create another little life?

Our youngest is fast approaching three and we are at that point, the one when you are standing at the edge of a diving board trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge ….. again.

I have never planned a pregnancy, both of my girls were surprises so the idea of planning a baby seems weird to me… “hey Hun, should we make a baby tonight?”- I mean don’t we need to sit down and work out finances, up sizing the vehicle or if our house is big enough? and what about hands… what is it like to not have enough hands for children, Is this the point you introduce the kid leash?…. (that’s a solid deal breaker right there).

Our parents generation didn’t really think like that and nor did most “plan” for children, it was simply what was done once one was married (or they were married very swiftly after the pregnancy test delivered a big thumbs up).

At this point we are enjoying our freedom a lot more now that our youngest is so independent and only growing more so by the day. Everything is easier from sleep to grocery shopping… although we have our moments. For me the idea of a new-born at this point is incredibly intimidating and the memories of pure exhaustion and post birth body are enough to have me running for the door, yet that sweet new baby smell is absolutely intoxicating and during that time nothing else truly matters anyway – also I can’t seem to get rid of the nagging thought for when I am older will I regret not having more children with the only reasons having been worry and pure selfishness?

So, I would love to know from any mothers out there.. what was your deciding factor? how did you know (if you did) when you were done and dusted or if you were keen and ready to place another delicious baby order?

Steph x


Another year.

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This year has already well and truly begun and I’m feeling a little left behind, after I injured myself i lost so many weeks, and here i am with an obnoxious feeling, an undertow creating such a strong sensation of lag, struggling to catch up with those who grasped the first day of the new year with strong and confident hands.

Another year in which I am unsure of the outcome; if i were asked the following question – Do you want to be in your current situation at the end of this year? I would swiftly but warmly answer, no….. no way, followed by an awkward laugh of some kind.

And just to clarify I am not unhappy with my life, i am in fact blessed beyond belief …no not unhappy, yet not willing to become stagnant either, change is necessity, it is needed to move and graduate through life, to experience, to learn, to grow and one day lead you to your destiny.

I imagine this to feel as though your soul is on fire and your passion is explosive. You feel as though you are in the right place at the most perfect moment throughout the beautiful transitioning mess that life is.

This is where the majority of us want to be.

So here I am, another year, a little behind writing another list of goals, some from previous years and some newly affixed, time becoming more relevant to the day and the overwhelming sense to create a strategy and arrive at a place I cannot rely on Siri to find for me.

So how do we all get there?

I apologize if you have read this far hoping for an answer to that question. I really have no idea.

I, just like many of you am figuring this out as I go.

Life is this insane gift – it’s a journey, and you have been given the tiller – you have absolute choice as to what course your life will take.

So, live. Live like your life depends on it. (it kind of does)  Make goals, try new things, take chances, embrace change, don’t be afraid to feel like a rookie, love, forgive, delve into the unknown and move through life confident that you belong here.

There will be dark moments throughout your travels, but only you can choose how long you allow yourself to linger in those places and whether you treasure the lessons so brutally learnt.

Here’s to another year, writing goals, finding passions, hidden talents, love and an expansive sense of happiness.

Better late than never. #goals

Steph. x